Friday, September 12, 2008

We recently received this comment...

"I appreciate what Lawrence Shainberg is trying to do but in my opinion, and that of, I’m sure, most of my friends on Twitter and FaceBook, he does nosepicking a great disservice by focusing too much on dramatic crusts and ignoring the ordinary, unexciting ones which, let’s face it, are what most of us extract, most of the time, when our fingers explore our noses. If you look at our blogs and private email correspondence, you will see this sort of crust celebrated again and again precisely because it doesn’t attract a lot of attention, generate intense sensation or, God forbid, evoke anything like the insight Walker Linchuk comes to as a result of his “breakthrough crust.” Wake up, Mr. Shainberg. Our daily habit begins and ends at zero! If it didn’t, how would it help us forget ourselves and drift away from the daily grind? If Lawrence Shainberg could understand this, he might be able to do a book worthy of our practice."

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